Best Toners for Dry skin

The Best Hydrating Toners for Dry Skin

Best Toners for Dry skinToning is the second step of a skincare routine. You should already be familiar with the benefits of using a toner in your routine. Toners help to remove residual dirt after cleansing. They also help to balance the skin’s pH after a squeaky cleanse have occured. Some toners contain exfoliants which translates to an added ability to clarify the skin.

Toners can be tailored according to skin needs. If you have dry skin, it is beneficial to add to add a hydrating or moisturising toner to your routine. This will help to supply the skin with an extra dose of hydration. There is also an added bonus of your following products applying and absorbing better.

Below Are My Picks for Best Hydrating Toners for Dry Skin.


This toner is a godsend for those with dry and sensitive skin. It contains Lecithin and Grape Seed Extracts to help lock in moisture and restore suppleness. This murad toner also contains Peach and Cucumber Fruit Extracts to soothe irritation and soften skin and it also contains osmolytes to help regulate water balance for optimal hydration levels. It is gentler than most Murad toners and it does an excellent job of leaving skin refreshed after use.


The folks at AHC Beauty took a page from the Korean Aesthetics Clinic for this one. This toner is formulated with three kinds of hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights. This helps to hydrate the skin on all levels. It also contains ceramides which hydrates and strengthens skin barrier. There is also French Sea Water to gently clean and energize the skin. My best part of this toner is its fresh scent.


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According to Peter Thomas Roth, this toner “hydrates, moisturises and clarifies the skin while helping to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores”. While the jury is out on if this toner can do all of that, what it especially does well is hydrate. This is especially effective when combined with the water drench serum and cream.


This toner provides antioxidant protection and improves moisture retention. It achieves this by the help of Evening Primrose Oil and Apple, Lentil, Watermelon, Jania Rubens Fruit Extracts. It hydrates the skin, removes dirt and oil, and softens and smoothens the skin.


Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner is a personal fave of mine and it has everything to do with its robust content of rose water and hyaluronic acid. Rose water is especially beneficial to dry skin because it is both hydrating and soothing. It is also alcohol-free. This toner got rid of my dry patches from when I used to over-exfoliate. It also smells heavenly. This one is just too good.

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