Stop Buying Beauty Products From Amazon

Stop Buying Beauty Products From Amazon

Stop Buying Beauty Products from Amazon

A skincare hill I am willing to die on is that nobody should be buying beauty products from Amazon. Never, ever. Never, ever. Under no circumstances should you buy stuff you put on your skin from Amazon. This is not even mainly about Uncle Jeff mistreating his workers or hoarding money although that is appalling as well and I’m going to talk about that too. I say this for a lot of reasons.

Fake Products

I used to get my face wash from Amazon. For months I had been ordering this particular face wash from Amazon. I knew it was cheaper than on the product site and not once did I ask myself why said product was cheaper on Amazon than on the official site.

I was a broke student trying to save dollars whenever and wherever I could. It didn’t make sense to me but I didn’t mind. So one day I got discount codes which meant I could purchase my dear cleanser from the site for cheaper.

I was so happy placing that particular order cos I there’s nothing I love like discounts but my happiness would soon turn to ashes when my order arrived. The product I received was completely different from what I had been getting from Amazon. It wasn’t until then that it finally hit me that I had been getting the wrong product from Amazon.

A good rule of thumb is to check on the company website if there’s any mention of Amazon being an authorized dealer. And even at that, you’re better off buying directly from the site or from other more trusted resellers. Some brands explicitly state that they do not sell on Amazon. In fact, you should not purchase skincare from Amazon whether they’re authorized resellers or not.

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Expired Products

I don’t know why Amazon have refused to clamp down on the errant sellers or if they are simply unable to but stories of expired purchases from Amazon are at an all time high. There is no reason why a buyer will part with their money and receive an expired product which isn’t even fit for use. A friend bought a moisturizer last month from Amazon and this moisturizer was well past it’s expiration date. She contacted the sellers to alert them and take it down but nothing was done.

Mistreatment of Workers

There is a lot of shady stuff going on at Amazon. Their mistreatment of workers have been extensively documented for years. There’s no point in wanting to purchase only the cleanest cruelty free brands that don’t engage in animal abuse if you’re going to be purchasing from Amazon despite all the human abuse.

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