Skincare Routine and Advice for 20s

Skincare Routine and Advice for 20s

Skincare Routine and Advice for 20s

20s are when we make the choices we live with for the rest of our adult lives. 20s skin is the best. You’ve crossed the hurdles of teenage hormonal acne and have finally arrived at clear radiant skin. Or if you were among the lucky few, you never even had acne. You never experienced what it is like to depend on a morning and night to get your skin to behave. Alright Ms Van der Woodsen, but now is the time to get serious so here’s some skincare routine and advice for 20s.

One thing about your 20s is that they really speed by. One day you’re 21 and the next you’re 33 and wondering how all those fine lines came to be. You never even got a warning. They’re suddenly just there. All those things you thought it’d be years before you ever have to worry about them. Well the years have gone by and here you are.

Skincare Advice for 20s Skin

  • No more drugstore: For some of us, drugstore products just stop cutting it. Basic drugstore formulas stop being effective and you may have to switch to luxury grownup stuff.
  • Hydration: Get serious about hydration. It may no longer be enough to just cleanse and slap on a moisturizer. You need to start layering hydration ASAP. Orally too. Drink lots and lots of water. Jump on the hyaluronic acid and glycerin train if you haven’t already.
  • Protect your eyes/Invest in an eye cream: While the jury is still out on if eye creams are necessary or not, you need to do your possible best to protect your eye area. Now is the perfect time for oversized dark shades that shield your eye area from the sun. You can do one better by getting a good eye cream.
  • Exfoliation: Exfoliation is the key to younger-looking skin. Pharrell Williams also said to “Exfoliate like a mad man” when asked how he has managed to look like an ageless vampire all these years.
  • Get enough sleep: I believe that not getting enough sleep is the same as not having a skincare routine and the thought of either makes me shudder. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep in your 20s is compulsory. That’s actually how you end up with great skin in your 60s
  • Start Using a retinoid: Retinoids are the only topical ingredient that is proven to be instrumented to ageing. Don’t wait for your 30s to start. Get a retinoids product now. Not only do they help in reversing previous skin damage, they help to prevent further skin damage.
  • Get serious about Sun protection: I believe it was Jennifer Garner, great philosopher of our time, who said while addressing a group of graduating students that “Nothing looks better in your 50s than sunscreen in your 20s” No truer words have been said since then. Your thousand dollars skincare and facials mean nothing if you are not using a sunscreen. A sunscreen is the most important part of every routine. The most important.
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Basic Routine for 20s






Skincare Routine for 20s

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