How to handle a breakout

How to handle a breakout

How to handle a breakout

There’s nothing worse than going to bed with somewhat okay skin and waking up with angry, inflamed skin full of pimples. Not only is this annoying, it can spoil your entire mood for the rest of the day. When this occurs it is known as a breakout. Most breakouts are going to leave you with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation however little to nothing is known about how to handle a breakout so here’s what to do when you get a pimple

Don’t Panic

It is very easy to lose it at this point becauseĀ  you’re panicking and stressing over this fresh bout of breakout but remember to take it easy. Breakouts are normal and breakouts will happen. Breakouts are 100% expected and what you should be doing now is finding ways to mitigate the incoming post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or erythema not make it worse by stressing out. PS: Stress can cause even worse inflammation. Try your best to avoid getting too close to mirrors as this can lead to inspecting the skin way too much and seeing or noticing flaws that are not even there.

Don’t Touch

You will most likely feel an overwhelming urge to touch your face but you will soon find out that it is better to do exactly the opposite of touching your face. This is for a number of reasons. When you touch or pick a pimple, you create an even bigger problem. You run the risk of transferring bacteria from your hands to the pimple.

This will cause you immune system to attack the inflammation even more and in turn cause your skin to release more melanin to the point of the inflammation as a natural response. This will create an even darker post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and you do not want that. To avoid touching the spots, pimple patches may be used.

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Don’t Overtreat

Your skin can break out as a result of clogged pores from using the wrong moisturizer or cleanser but the number one cause of inflamed acne is overuse of products. This could be as a result of overexfoliating or over cleansing. Your first instinct when you have a pimple or a breakout will be to treat and treat but that is almost always a mistake. If there ever is a time to take it easy, it is now.

Remember that you’re in this predicament because you most likely overtreated in the first place. This is also not the time to overexfoliate. Exfoliation has its benefits but you don’t want to get on its bad side.

Ditch All the Unnecessary Stuff

Now is not the time for that moisturizer that is formulated with dragon’s blood and unicorn pee. Put that sunscreen loaded with essential oils aside now. Avoid products with fragrance and alcohol. The only products you should be using now are the basics. This includes cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen.

You may feel the need to exfoliate and exfoliate, use a retinoid and buy a new vitamin c serum to attack the impending hyperpigmentation but don’t. Hydration is more important at this point than exfoliation. Hydration is encouraged so as to repair the impaired skin barrier which is indirectly the reason for the breakout. You want your skin to heal itself with as little intrusion as possible.

You may want to introduce exfoliation after a while when you’re sure your moisture lipid is no longer compromised. You can refer to the moisture barrier post to be sure you’re in the clear before gently introducing exfoliation back into your routine.

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Use Minimal Makeup

The use of minimal makeup when treating a breakout is advised because unlike skincare products, most makeup are not formulated with skin type or condition in mind. Makeup products can be comedogenic and using them on inflamed skin may lead to more irritation. Also we run the risk of transferring bacteria to the face again if makeup applications tools are not properly cleansed.

How to Treat a Breakout

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