Damaging Effects of Alcohol on the Skin

Effects of Drinking Alcohol on the Skin

So the other day I was early for a date so I decided to watch the TV to pass some time. Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen. Not bad. But what I thought was going to be mindless time waster turned out to be incredibly informative for me. Barbra’s character was having a shouting match with her son (Rogen) who thought she was overbearing and she was. Now he’s about to go down to the hotel bar to have some alcohol and Barbra’s character being the amazing mom that she was gave him a glass of water to drink so he won’t be dehydrated.

I instantly sat up. Why was this just clicking? I had never been able to make the connection between the dryness I felt after alcohol consumption till that very moment. Guilt Trip had my curiosity but now it had my attention. I ended up being late because I had to finish that movie for more Barbra gems. Didn’t get more but that one alone was life changing for me. I would end up cutting down my alcohol intake considerably due to that one scene.

Effects of Alcohol on Skin


Alcohol is really really dehydrating. Alcohol is a diuretic that expels water from the body. Worse still, it makes it hard to dehydrate afterwards. Continuous alcohol consumption leads to dehydrated skin which results in the extra visibilty of wrinkles and fine lines. This can also lead to enlarged pores

Inflammation and Puffiness

If only hangover was the only thing we had to deal with after a night of major boozing. Many people experience puffiness and bloat after drinking alcohol. This is because alcohol inflames the tissue of the skin and increases blood flow to the cells causing inflammation. Alcohol can also cause blood vessels under the skin to widen and is ultimately responsible for the flushed color or redness in the skin.

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Because alcohol is high in sugar, overindulging can lead to an increase in breakouts. Alcohol can also lead to a decrease in healthy bacteria that lives in the gut which help to regulate the immune system. This implies poor management of skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

Minimizing the Effects of Alcohol on Skin

To minimize the effects of Alcohol on the skin, it is advisable to drink as little as possible. It only makes sense that if you don’t drink too much, there won’t be more damages to mitigate. And that way you can be sober enough to remember to do your routine.

Some people alternate a glass of alcohol and a glass of water to solve the dehydration problem. Drinking on a full stomach also help to cushion the side effects of alcohol Because the alcohol passes through the digestive system along with the food and both will be metabolized together. Or you can do it like Barbra advised and load up on the water before drinking.

You can also try sleeping with an extra pillow propped up on one another to minimize puffiness in the eye and face. Dark circles can be caused by fluids that tend to pool under the eye area if you’re lying flat.

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