Best Sunscreen for Oily Skin Acne-Prone Skin

Best Sunscreens for Oily Acne-Prone Skin

One of the worst things about oily skin is the constant acne breakouts. I don’t even mind having so much grease on my face, that’s what I have blotting papers for. But it’s the constant struggle of finding and using the right sunscreen that won’t have me looking like I have just been fished out from a lake of oil that I detest. But through trial and error I’ve been able to get sunscreens that give me adequate sun protection without adding to the greasiness. So I thought it’d be cool to share with you some of my best sunscreens for oily acne-prone skin.

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Dermalogica Oil-Free Matte SPF 30

A broad spectrum sunscreen that helps to prevent shine and aging on skin that is prone to breakouts. This lightweight ultra-sheer formula contains an advanced blend of Zinc Gluconate, Caffeine, Niacinamide, Biotin and Yeast Extract. It also contains oil absorbers help maintain an all day matte finish, preventing shine without any powdery residue.

EltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46

This sunscreen contains high purity Niacinamide to help reduce the appearance of pores and even out complexion, transparent Zinc Oxide to protect against harmful sun rays and Lactic Acid for gentle exfoliation. It also contains hyaluronic acid for plump and healthy looking skin. This EltaMD sunscreen also dries down matte. The only problem is that this is not for darker skinned folks because of its white cast. This makes me especially sad because as a black person with oily acne-prone skin, I would give anything for that ingredient list but without a white cast. At least white folks won’t say I did nothing for them.

Paula’s Choice Extra Care Non-Greasy Sunscreen

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A water-resistant, non-greasy sunscreen that packs a punch of antioxidant. With Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and aloe vera, this SPF 50 sunscreen has a light silky texture and soft finish that doesn’t look or feel like a traditional sunscreen yet provides broad-spectrum UV protection. If you are into sports, this is the sunscreen for you.

Murad Oil and Pore Control Mattifier Broad Spectrum SPF 45

The folks at Murad claim this sunscreen delivers 10 hours of mattifying power in an oil-free, lightweight, SPF moisturizer and instantly minimizes the appearance of pores by 54%. I don’t know how true that is but what I know is that this sunscreen mattifies the skin and helps reduce oiliness. It achieves this by the use of oil-trapping microspheres which it uses to smooth and blur imperfections.

Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector SPF 42 Sunscreen

An ultra-light oil-free sunscreen lotion for the face that controls excess sebum and gives skin a matte appearance while guarding against daily environmental aggressors. It is water resistant for up to 40 minutes. It also has a slight cast that disappears after a few minutes. What I especially love about this sunscreen is that it is not oily. It also sits well under makeup.

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