Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Skin

Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Skin

Sometimes we get frustrated because we’re doing our skincare but our skin don’t care. We spend hundreds of dollars of drugstore and luxury products to have healthier and clearer skin but it seems like the more we try the worse our skin looks. That can be disheartening to even the strongest person. But often times, these things happen because of our own doings. Sometimes you indulge in bad habits that are ruining your skin without even knowing it. From picking at pimples to using makeup wipes, we don’t even realize how damaging these habits are to the skin.

Not removing Makeup Properly or Using Makeup Wipes.

I still cringe when I remember the days I use wipes to remove makeup. They used to hurt my sensitive skin so bad but I didn’t mind. My only aim was to get off my full coverage foundation lest I fall asleep wearing makeup which was honestly worse. I’m so lucky to have learnt better now. Makeup wipes should be binned along with those St Ives scrubs because they are doing more good than harm. Oil cleansers are most effective for removing makeup and they are to be followed by water-based cleansers. This is known as double cleansing.

Picking Your Skin

This is the most common skincare habit that ruins the skin. Some of us can’t help sitting in front of the mirror, checking out every zit and imperfection, and picking our skin. Picking the skin does more harm and no good at all. When we pick the skin, we end up creating a bigger inflammation and transferring bacteria from the fingers onto the area. Try your possible best to avoid resting your chin on your hands and stop extracting pimples and squeezing blackheads. Those should be done by professionals.

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Not Using Sunscreen

All the money spent on skincare is a waste if you don’t use sunscreen every single day. Regular use of sunscreen promotes even tone, lightens hyperpigmentation and eliminates sunburn. Sunscreen is the final skincare step that is supposed to protect your skin and skincare. Your intensive anti-aging routine is useless if you’re not using a sunscreen. Your hyperpigmentation won’t budge if you’re not using sunscreen. That acne is going nowhere, that melasma, that damaged barrier can’t be repaired without sunscreen.

Using the Wrong Products

Using the wrong products ranges from using the wrong products for your skin type to using badly packaged products. Using a rich moisturizer on your oily skin can clog it up leading to more breakouts. Using products with fragrance and alcohol can disrupt your sensitive skin. That eye cream packaged in the luxurious jar packaging won’t do much because you keep exposing it to air and light. Make a habit of doing some research before buying skincare products to avoid buying the wrong and useless ones.

Inconsistency and Impatience

Patience and consistency remains the best things in skincare after sunscreen and retinoids. Some of us do our skincare for three consecutive days and become frustrated when we don’t see a dramatic difference forgetting that the same skin has been undergoing months and months of neglect and uncare. It takes about 28 days to complete one skin cycle. For best results, its better to give your skin at least 3 cycles before concluding if a product or routine works or not. Clear skin is a product of the right skin care, patience, and consistency. It’s not enough to do your routine for a week and expect dramatic change. You have to be consistent and patient even when it looks like not much is happening. A useful tip is to take photos weekly for better comparison.

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